Data Protection, Open Access, Open Data

Thank you to everyone who joined us last week to find out more about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and to engage in valuable discussions.

The session, including the presentation and list of resources, is documented here

Some of the key actions that came out of the meeting were
· Create shared documentation for GDPR, including checklists, privacy notices and templates
· Collaborate and share best practice hints and tips
· Follow up the event with an update at the next Open Access Scotland Working group

An outline document has been created for you to start sharing best practice and documentation, and we look forward to seeing the resources that are contributed. You can access it here

We will be providing an update on GDPR at the next Open Access Scotland Working Group on the 19th of March.

Thanks to everyone who took part last week
Best wishes

Nykohla Strong
Research Information Officer
Research and Innovation
The University of Aberdeen


Forthcoming Event – GDPR and Openness

There was a discussion point raised at the Open Access Scotland working group ( in September, to consider the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Open Research. In response to this Valerie and I have set up a meeting on 31 January 2018, at the university of Glasgow.

Focusing on implications for practitioners working on open research (articles, data etc.), the GDPR session will offer some insights into how GDPR may affect Higher Education Institutions and how HEI’s can prepare for GDPR.

Draft Agenda

11:00-12:30 Presentation on GDPR

12:30-13:00 Available Resources and steps to compliance

13:00-13:45 LUNCH

13:45-14:45 Brainstorming sessions

14:45-15:30 Knowledge sharing and actions

If you would like to join this GDPR discussion please sign up at

The venue can accommodate approximately 40 people so we kindly ask for just one representative from each institution, once we have an idea of attendance we will invite more people to join us.

If you are not able to join us, but have questions around GDPR please drop me an email. We will discuss various questions on the day and provide a summary of the meeting as soon as possible after the 31st of January.

Kindest Regards


REF Deposit Requirement – Which Date?

Results of a quick poll to see if there was preference to stick with publication date or change to acceptance date.



Some interesting observations including:

  • Both acceptance and publication date can be unclear
  • It can be a long time from acceptance to publication date
  • Preference to retain act on acceptance message regardless on what HEFCE decide for absolute deposit deadline
  • AAM is available at point of acceptance but less easy to obtain later especially if publication comes some time later
  • Concern that decision on portability could affect how and when researchers act



RCUK Open Access Practitoner’s Group 14th November 2016

Hello All,

Here are a few of my own notes on the key points from the meeting this morning:

RCUK say block grants will be paid out 14th November (most organisations set up budgets based on award letters but sharing this in case any wait till they actually get the funds before allowing spend).

Interim report required January. Actual spend to end December 2016  and forecast to end March 2017.  An email was sent out 15th November confirming requirements and deadline.   If you did not receive the email at a suitable address for open access at your organisation let me know. I will ask RCUK to add to the list.

The template for December reporting is here:


If more than a quarter of your expenditure is on staff include information regarding the type of staff you are funding and how they have contributed to implementing the open access policy.  If expenditure on staff is less than a quarter of your expenditure, then there is no need for any additional information.

The group considered how to move to providing actual information versus the estimates provided for compliance in some cases.   There is no common approach.  Some were badging figures as estimates due to lack of clarity of requirements.   Further work will be done to clarify what is expected.  There was some suggestion that ResearchFish could facilitate this.  Valerie made clear that the requirements should be clarified before any solution was agreed.  A sub-group will look at this.  Valerie is on this group and will consult with the OA Scotland Group.

Compliance based on… % Average Compliance reported 2015/16
Estimate 82%
Actual 83%

There was some discussion around reporting of supplements and page charges seperately from the article processing charges.  If this becomes a requirement some of us may require new coding in our financial systems.

There was collective interest in better communicating the benefits of open access ensuring we reach all authors with consistent messages.

Is the block grant going to exist after 2018?  There is an appetite to maintain this method however there are funding reviews and report analysis on-going.  If RCUK are awarded less funding then it is possible there would be less available for open access block grant.

I asked that the key actions from the meetings be made available on the RCUK website as soon as possible.