Scotland tops table for OA availability of publications in 2014

This recently released pre-print “Evidence of Open Access of scientific publications in Google Scholar: a large-scale analysis” includes the figure below for Open Access and Free Availability (FA) levels for documents published in 2014 by researchers in countries with high output (>1% of the total number of publications accounted for).


Even accounting for a complex OA monitoring strategy based on Google Scholar, the figures for Scotland — which the WoS affiliation scheme processes separately from the rest of the UK — are quite remarkable. Considering that this stats pre-date the HEFCE policy, it’s not difficult to imagine that the percentage for openly available outputs should significantly increase in subsequent years — esp for Green OA.

Given the rather loose definition of Free Availability (FA) used in the pre-print — including sources such as ResearchGate — the key column to look at would be %OA Total. Just three entries feature levels above 50% OA in this column, with Scotland leading the pack.

The comment across the Schol Comms team over here goes “It seems completely alien to be typing the words “Scotland” and “wins” within the same sentence!”


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